Stop 12 of Volcom’s PBRJ: Brighton Utah

Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam came into Brighton, Resort hotter than a steam whistle on Saturday, March 25th, 2012.

15 & Under Division Winners:
1st: Jack Herald
2nd: Braden Landon
3rd: Gabe McGovern
4th: Tristan Heiner
5th: Jack Stevens

16 & Over Division Winners:
1st: Dillon Guenther
2nd: Jesse Ramirez
3rd: Chase Newton
4th: Clay Hatzenbuhler
5th: Alex Lockwood

Girls Open Divison Winners:
1st: Melissa Riitano
2nd: Christy Prior
3rd: Danyale Patterson
4th: Taylor Elliott
5th: Alexa McCarty

Mens Open Division Winners:
1st: Ben Bilodeau $250
2nd: Will Ermish: $150
3rd: Sean Whitaker $100
4th: Jordan Morse
5th: John Overson

Electric’s $50
“Gooyest Move of the Event”
Ben Bilodeau — Bs 360 50-50 Fs 360 on the Elbow Rail