A healthy sized jump line and some of Europe’s heaviest rippers meet for The Stomping Grounds session at Corvatsch, Switzerland. Triple corks, double corks, and even singles were performed and executed near perfection as the positive vibes flowed. Fridtjof Tischendorf, Mons Roisland, Stale Sandbech, and Torgeir Bergrem are just a handful of the standout riders that made an appearance.

Featuring Fridtjof Tischendorf, Mons Roisland, Stale Sandbech, Torgeir Bergrem, Spencer O’Brien, Alberto Maffei, Seppe Smits, Jess Rich, Markus Olimstad, Chandler Hunt, Per Iver Grimsrud, Tiarn Collins, Billy Morgan, and Jonas Bosiger.

Film by Marcus Skin and Boen Ferguson.
Edit by Marcus Skin.

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