Next Level Father Daughter Tandem Snowboarding Video

Steve Klassen, former pro and owner of Wave Rave Snowboard Shop in Mammoth, just dropped this tandem snowboarding edit with his three year old daughter, Kinsley. The duo shreds Mammoth Mountain together, and busts out a bunch of tricks like a front board on a down rail and a frontside rodeo 540 with what appears to be his daughter in his arms, generating a solid amount of mainstream media hype from outlets  including Fox News, The Daily Mail, and Huffington Post.

To get the scoop on what was really going on, we reached out to Steve for insight into the editing, and his thoughts on all the hype.

Tandem Snowboarding

When did you first start tandem snowboarding with your daughter?

I started tandem with her right before she turned one. I had done it with my son Kaden for around three years, until he just wanted to ride his own board. She watched him do it and wanted to do it right away.

How you come up with the idea for the edit?

I knew that what Kinsley and I were doing was special and I wanted to document it. I chose a style of video which I thought would appeal to little girls. I wanted to show people how good it can be to do this with your children. I wanted it to be timeless and feel good with a bit of an underlying edge. We needed that edge to get people to pass it on.

Tandem Snowboarding Friends

The edit has been picked up by many mainstream news outlets, what do you think of all this hype?

I think it is great. I think kids these days are too protected. You have to let them explore and play. You should be their helpers and their guides and help them have a great time. I think the mainstream attention is great, because it will help people enjoy their lives more. It exposes them to something they can do, which they have never seen before, which is extremely rewarding. To accomplish turns and jumps and tricks through cooperation with your own kids is amazing. I hope others get to feel the stoke as I have. The more exposure, the better.

Any comments about what went into the filming and editing?

It should be obvious to serious snowboarders that there is some trick photography, if you know what I mean. But hey, we just got Fox News to report it as entirely real. Us “rebel” snowboarders get off on that kind of thing. Fox News juked by snowboarders in Mammoth—Hey we are just having a little fun!

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Tandem Snowboarding