Stepchild Welcomes Quebec’s Mammouth Durette

You might remember Quebec rider Mammouth Durette from The Headstone’s self-titled debut movie last season. Or maybe you caught a glimpse of him in Louif Paradis’ adidas Welcome edit.

Either way, he’s officially on Stepchild now and they broke off a few clips from his season in this edit.

Here’s some more dirt ‘Chi sent over about Mammouth:

Mammouth is so French, no English at all, so everything is done through our reps in QC, the agency NBP. He’s 23 years old from Matane, reg, works hard in summer at the pub Saint Patrick in Quebec City to get money to snowboard all winter. He’s got more trouble to choose beer at the corner store than to choose a trick at the spot—he loves all of them and can’t choose when he is in front of the fridge. His sponsors are Nuclear, Stepchild, Howl, Ashbury, La Boutique Du Skate, Plenty, adidas.

All we know for sure is that he’s got a mean back 270 to fakie, or back 270 Louif as some like to call it.