Standout Performance Of The Year: The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding — TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 18

Awards like Video Part or Rookie of the Year are relatively straightforward compared to the ambiguous Standout Performance of the Year nomination. It’s open to interpretation. Last season it went to Dylan Gamache for his mindfucking display of snowboard talent in the Yawgoons videos, and the year prior Jussi Oksanen took it for retiring with a bang. This season saw an expectedly diverse set of nominees—Christian Haller for breaking a height record on his snowboard and producing a film of his own, a snowboarder and filmmaker who’s offered countless opportunities for other riders while filming stacked parts of his own, and finally a photographer who created one of the most unconventional and well-received films snowboarding has seen.

Jérôme Tanon’s The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding is a snowboard movie so unanimously and instantly beloved within our community, it racked up over 180,000 YouTube views in a month. It was unlikely to open a social media app in November of 2016 without seeing mention of the instant cult-classic, which Jérôme filmed over his last four years traveling the world with professional snowboarders and filmmakers. In an industry often guilty of taking itself too seriously, Eternal Beauty is a refreshing look at the ridiculous behavior of our culture, as snowboarders. It’s reassuring to know that the snowboarding community can laugh at itself.

Congrats, Jérôme!

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