Stacked Footy: 20 Years of Jesse Burtner

Stacked Footy gives us an introspective look from Jesse Burtner, as well as stories from family and friends, at what it took to make twenty video parts. Jesse is an influential snowboarder, friend to many, and his journey has been heavily impacted by those close to him, pushing him and laughing with him the whole way. When a traumatic brain injury jeopardized his snowboarding career, he took a step back, and was challenged to change his approach to life, snowboarding and the video parts that define him. This is when he began to flourish. No longer needing to go bigger and bigger, but taking his snowboarding in the opposite direction. Snowboarding’s potential is inward because for the most part we have found the human limits. “If you look inward, you can still get gnarly, but you get small.” – (Pete Saari on Burtner being way ahead of his time.)

With the help of fellow riders and friends, as well as Jesse’s significant connection with wife and Think Thank co-founder, Christina ‘Pika” Burtner, Jesse has been able to reach this landmark. Twenty years full of NBD’s, hard work, slams, smiles, great times, tapes, and friendship. Enjoy this snapshot of Jesse’s two-decade commitment to his loves and life, as well as some exceptional throwback Think Thank clips.

Being that Think Thank videos were the first movies that really intrigued, and pulled me into snowboarding cinematography, this look into Jesse’s life and snowboarding career is heartwarming. Stacked Footy is an in-depth look at something truly special and I encourage you to give your next twenty minutes to taking it all in.

“I didn’t set out to film twenty video parts in a row,

I just want to film one good video part, and it took me twenty tries.”

– Jesse Burtner.

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