Fearless, weird, and refreshing. The SRD boys got the job done and they're got the job done right. Always ready for whatever Mother Nature blows their way; these guys are able to think quickly and cleverly when they need to find a spot. Aggressive on unpredictable takeoffs and slushy landings, the SRD crew was pushing their limits and fearless while doing so. Sacrificing their boards and their bodies, this group of bizarre characters put a lot of effort into this movie and it sure as hell paid off.

“SRD Presents “Recreational Use” – Featuring Lucio DM, Conner Felix, Landis King, Kyle Larson, Jack Lawrence, Brett Mills, Tom O’Reilly, Josh Powell, Finn Westbury, JJ Westbury and Friends. Snowboarding is for recreational use only.” – SRD

SRD - Recreational Use | TWSNOW

Finally SRD – Recreational Use