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It's pushing into late June, and the days are as long as they'll be all year. Now is the time to cram everything you can into 17 hours. We racked our brains thinking of the person who could squeeze in as much as possible between sunrise and sunset and remembered Blake Paul had just landed back in his hometown of Jackson, Wyoming—the perfect person in the ideal setting.

We called Blake and gave him a task: to do everything he wanted to in a day. Not a tough assignment. The more difficult component would be getting someone to film it. This actually wasn’t difficult at all, because Blake's friends Wade and Dave have a bunch of expensive camera equipment and were equally ready to wind up sunburnt and exhausted.

What ensued is the video above. What we learned is below. Blake provided some tips on how to maximize your day and the stuff you need to do it.

Blake Paul A Day In The Life_20160610_A7SIIW_0002

Blake's tips to maximize your day

1. Get up early. The sooner you get up, the more hours you have in your day. 

2. Friends. See what your crew is doing. They may have stuff already going on, or you can invite them along. You don't wanna spend your day alone.

3. If you’re gonna snowboard, get it checked off your list first. It's too hot mid-day to be in your snow pants. Plus the snow gets sticky. 

4. Bring everything you need with you when you leave your house. No need to have to keep going back to your place in between activities. 

5. Be open minded and ready to do whatever. 

6. Eat right. Don't eat any big meals that are gonna make you wanna lay on your couch.

7. Plan the day before. Get a general idea going of what you want to tackle for the day. 

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What are the three worst things to do on a long day?

Take a nap, sit on your couch, stare at your phone. 

Blake’s Checklist:

Toys: What would a day be without these?

Skateboard, snowboard (Blake rides the GNU Riders Choice), bike, soccer ball, fishing pole, raft, surfboard, the more the merrier

Camping Equipment: Be prepared to see where the night goes.

Tent (Blake sleeps in The North Face Tadpole 2), sleeping bag (Blake uses The North Face Gold Kazoo), sleeping pad, hammock, headlamp

Extra Clothes: You can’t do it all wearing the same thing.

Swim trunks (Blake swims in The North Face Whitecap Boardshort), jacket (Blake wears the The North Face ThermoBall Full Zip), layers, socks, beanie, boots, shoes (Blake skates in the Vans Old Skool)

Provisions: Beverages are crucial.

Snacks (Blake brings lots), water, beer, booze, coffee 

Other general needs: Easy to forget, harder to go without.

Sunglasses (Blake wears the Dragon Marquis), towel, money, camera, knife, backpack, fireworks

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