Spacewaves Summer Movie : Rad Movie Productions 2016

RAD Movie Production introduces to you Spacewaves, the crew’s summer movie from 2016. The action takes place in the snowpark of Zermatt, Switzerland, which has one of the most creative summer parks on the planet.

From RAD Movie Production:

Glaciers are getting smaller every year. It’s rough to witness this consequence of global warming! The more it is an honor for us, is still being able to ride the glacier of Zermatt. We treat it with respect and pleasure! Enjoy the Spacewaves!

Produced by: RAD Movie Production
Cut: Janis Perren

Riders: Valentin Zimmerman, William Arnold, Imboden Yannick, Stoffel Markus, Pierre Clivaz, Tim Bouvette, Yannick Messmer, Mojo, Linus Manser, Levi Luggen, Francesco Traverso.

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