Snowboarding’s Dead Episode 3 : North Carolina

Snowboarding's Dead Episode 3 : North Carolina

North Carolina is not near the top of the list of snowiest states in the country. At 5,506 ft though Beech Mountain Resort gets enough cold weather to blow sufficient snow for a nice looking park, and where there a good park you typically find good locals. There’s actually more of a snowboard community in North Carolina than you’d expect, it takes a lot of dedication to ride consistently somewhere where the weather is constantly shit. Thanks to Alex Andrews new series Snowboarding’s Dead we get to see what it’s like to be involved in a snowboarding communities around the US. Alex has been traveling the country checking out local snowboard scenes and stopping in at local shops and hills, to show everyone that snowboarding is alive and not going anywhere soon.

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Snowboarding's Dead Episode 3 - North Carolina