Snowboarding’s Dead Episode 2 : New England

Snowboarding's Dead Episode 2 : New England

Burton Snowboards Brand Ambassador Alex Andrews has been working on a project called Snowboarding's Dead. The goal for this project is to promote local snowboarding, shops, and scenes. Here’s the second episode focusing on the New England area shred scene!

Words : Alex Andrews

New England area has a lot going on, and a lot of amazing places to ride. I had the chance to shred Killington, Vermont , Loon, New Hampshire and Yawgoo, Rhode Island. To say the least these places are engulfed in snowboarding and have thriving local scenes! Being a snowboarder and living on the east coast isn’t an easy thing It’s grey and cold and icy a good chunk of the year. so watching how hungry these kids out here is very humbling to say the least. I think the biggest thing I took from this trip was how welcoming and fun the community of snowboarders are. Ice coast, East Coast, doesn’t matter… These areas rule for shredding, and I’m stoked I got to be apart of it enjoy!

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Snowboarding's Dead Episode 2 : New England