Snowboarding’s Dead Episode 1 : Minnesota

Burton Snowboards Brand Ambassador Alex Andrews has been working on a project called Snowboarding's Dead. The goal for this project is to promote local snowboarding, shops, and scenes. This first episode was filmed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but keep an eye out for the next one which is based in New England, It’s gonna be fresh.

Words : Alex Andrews

This is episode 1 of snowboarding’s dead, an inside look at Minnesota, a hub for snowboarding, and all around amazing place. Over the years, a lot of great snowboarders have come from Minnesota, and as I spend more time there, it becomes more and more apparent why. Not known for its Big mountains, but more for rope tows, amazing snowboard parks and a snow blanketed urban landscape make this place one of a kind. Minnesota also has some awesome local shops, including Zombie, youth shelter supply, Damage, and cal surf. This place rules and if you get a chance to go hang there I strongly suggest it.

Film & Edit by Loren Brinton

Additional Filming :
Kevin Castanheira
Colton Morgan

Art: Ty Modz

Alex Andrews, Brady Lem, Shane Ruprecht, Joe Sexton, Danimals, Boody, Michael Wick

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Snowboarding's Dead Episode 1 : Minnesota