Snowboarding in Downtown Los Angeles? Shaun White’s Air+Style L.A. Highlights

Francis Jobin took home a Best Trick gold. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Drayden Gardner had some of the most creative approaches on course. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Small, it is what makes Jordan a Jordan. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Henry Jackson handed out money for landed tricks. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Darcy Sharpe craning around for his front board. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Brandon Davis channeling his inner Big Papi. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Johnny O'Connor came up big this weekend. PHOTO: Mark Clavin
Jordan Small photobombs Kyle Mack and Shaun White. PHOTO: Mark Clavin

Two days of snowboarding, music, and skating hit Expo Park in Downtown Los Angeles last weekend for the fourth year in arow. Shaun White’s signature event pulled in everyone from Gucci Mane to Phoenix, with headliners playing as heavyweight snowboarders and skaters like Kyle Mack, Johnny O’Connor, Ozzy Henning, Desiree Melancon, Alex Sorgente, Nora Vasconcellos, CJ Collins, Greyson Fletcher and more threw down their best tricks in front of a packed house.

Bouncing between venues about 100 yards away from one another, the action was non-stop. On the first night, as soon as Cashmere Cat and the skateboarding best trick session finished, Frank Bourgeois, Kyle Mack, Darcy Sharpe and the stacked crew of snowboarders strapped in for the snowboard overall finals where they had three runs each to devour the entire course. When it was all said and done, Darcy snagged the first ever street style first place, with Johnny O’Connor and Kyle Mack rounding out the podium. Placed perfectly between the Olympics and the U.S. Open, the creative rail course judged by Connor Manning, Jeremy Jones, and Mikey LeBlanc was the the perfect palate cleanser to watch insanely talented snowboarding at eye-level. Paired with food trucks and vendors galore, we’d say the festival succeeded in stoking out Southern California on snowboarding. And that was only the first day!


As the sun set on the second day of practice and music, Jill Perkins, Jordan Small, Dylan Alito, Anto Chamberland, Francis Jobin, and the field of 17 riders prepared for the Best Trick finals. Two hour-long jam format sessions sent the riders up and over every feature in every possible way. Check the video for proof. With the wall ride being the obvious favorite to the masses, Zak Hale, Drayden Gardner, Johnny O’Connor, Jordan Small and Ozzy Henning repeatedly hiked the feature and put on a show. Bails were cheered for as loud as the makes, and we think everyone would agree that having live music playing right at the bottom of the course was a huge plus.

In the end, the two heats were championed by Drayden Gardner and Francis Jobin. Riding consistently all weekend and keeping their foot on the gas Both on the rise in the snowboarding world, taking home Air + Style gold is a solid feather in their soon to be overflowing caps.

Huge thanks to Shaun White, the Bear Mountain park staff, and all of the sponsors for putting on such a rad event for the last four years! Here’s to four more! See you next year.

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