Sina Candrian stomps a frontside 1080

The other day Swiss rider, Sina Candrian stomped her first 1080. On a massive jump. We think this is a big thing for women’s snowboarding. What do you think? Leave your response in the comments below!

We had to get more on this story, so we hit up Sina to get down to the bottom of this 1080.

Is this the first 1080 ever done by a woman off of a jump? If it is, did you know you were the first one to do a 1080?

I really don’t know if I’m the first woman who has landed a 1080 off a jump! I don’t know of another girl who has landed one, so I think I am the first! But you never know, there are so many good girls shredding every day….

 What made you want to try a 1080? How long had you been thinking of doing it?

There was this perfect jump in LAAX and I knew I had to try it. I was thinking about this trick for a long time. I tried it  for the first time at the European X-Games, but couldn’t land it. Once you’ve  tried it, you just want to land it! We had this perfect gap jump in LAAX and everything worked out so perfect- I'm so glad!

 Who else was sessioning the jump with you?

It was a great group. We were filming for the LAAX movie, which is coming out this fall. There were a lot of riders shredding the rails and there was the kicker crew with David Hablützel, Jan Scherrer, Lukas Bauman, Adrian Oesch, Isabell Derungs as well as the shapers. I haven’t been shredding with this crew a lot before, but we pushed it to the limit and the atmosphere on the hill was amazing! I really hope I can have a session with this crew in LAAX again – please!

Do you ever get to ride pow with Nicolas Muller?

Yes I have. We have the same home resort and sometimes we are both back home and ride some powder together, but not often! We have a nice terrain to shred in the backcountry. I'm really looking forward to next season with fewer competitions after the Olympic Games!

 What’s your plan for the summer?

Right now I'm enjoying the beach in Egypt! Next week I’m going to Barcelona to watch the X-Games! And after this I will be teaching a first class at the primary school in films for three weeks. In July I'm going to France to the Atlantic coast to surf a little bit with my friends!

Are you going to try and do a 1080 in a contest next season?

Yes, I hope so!

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