Simon Chamberlain : On Our Grind : Full Part 2014

Simon Chamberlain comes out hard for his 2014 full part. Filmed mostly in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. Simon and the crew must have access to a good winch with how many gap to rails he is hitting. The part if mostly street features with a few park shots and backcountry shots adding into the mix.

– Short interview with Simon Chamberlain below.

Where was your favorite trip of the year?

Montreal, for sure. We met up with some rad dudes that showed us around and got to hit some fun spots. It snowed a bunch too while we were there so that is always a bonus.

What was the most fucked up spot you hit?

Probably the kink that I did a 5050 on with the long flat. Just because it started to down poor rain early that morning so the snow was getting so thin. It was at a school and we went there on a sunday so we had to hit it that day or we might not of got another chance. It was crazy because my eyes were getting pelted with rain drops the whole in run and while hitting the rail.

What was the hardest trick to land?

Probably the 450 at the end of my part. I broke my board while trying it and that ledge has so much impact when you land on it. It took a while to ride away from that one.

How many spots did you get kicked out of and never get to return to?

Probably 5, all in quebec. It was always spots that we were on the roof or wall ride stuff. All good though it happens.

Who did you ride with the most this year?

Blair Mckinney and Jonat St Marie. I got to ride with JP, Seth and Jeremy in the beginning of the season a lot and JP at the end of the season too.

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Simon Chamberlain

Simon packs down a lip. PHOTO: Matt Stetson