The Volcom dudes have been getting at it overseas, and here’s the proof. When there’s no surf and it’s too damp to skate, it’s always worthwhile seeing what goes on up the the mountains. Checkout this fun little edit of the Volcom crew in the Alps. Summer ain’t what summer is supposed to be.. Scorching hot up in Scandalnavia but either pissing down or, for the most part, Chernobyl-grey in the rest of of Europe. It’s been so cold and wet around the Alps that folks have been riding pow up on the glaciers all thru summer.. And, with no solid swell forecast on the horizon, why not go ride some frozen water instead? Speaking of which, here’s a clip of Arthur Longo and friends doing just that, up in Les 2 Alpes. Get your mates together & run to the hills. Les 2 Alpes is open until early September and there’s nobody around anymore. If the weather refuses to collaborate, there’s downhill cycling and just about 10001 other things to do up there.

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Sand in your crack Volcom