ShredBots Full Movie – Part Two – Hemsedal & Anto Street

Thanks for watching our Exclusive online ShredBots The Movie Whistler segment part. The part is now offline, download your own copy of the full movie right here. Click top right in the video to download from Vimeo for $12.99.

What is better then a hip session? How about a private hip that you can hit frontside as well as backside in Hemsedal, Norway. For our lucky ShredBots Mark McMorris, Brage Richenberg, Craig McMorris, Charles Reid, Torstein Horgmo, Terje Haakonsen, and Ståle Sandbech this is their reality of which they take full advantage of.

Things heat up as fireman Anto Chamberland preforms a few risque poses before heading into the frozen streets of Quebec to lay assault on a variety of features. Keep an eye out for a huge flat rail to wallride/drop early in the part, it’s one of the biggest spots in his part. Also take note of the many closeout and high consequence fall tricks.

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