ShredBots Full Movie – Part One – Whistler

Thanks for watching our Exclusive online ShredBots The Movie Whistler segment part. The part is now offline, download your own copy of the full movie right here. Click top right in the video to download from Vimeo for $12.99.

A true demonstration of international relations the ShredBots unite a film crew of Canadian and Norwegian riders, something many thought was impossible. But people also thought triple corks were impossible and just look at Mark McMorris and Torstein Horgmo now—they've got so many Instagram followers it's crazy. So join the ShredBots as they go beyond the lights, crowds, and podiums and into the backcountry and streets because these guys can shred it all. And if you don't like shredding you might like laughing, which will probably happen when you watch this film.

The boys kick off part one like any snowboard movie should with Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, and Craig McMorris heading into the Whistler backcountry for some heavy jump sessions. Double corks and rag dolls are filmed and checked off list. A few dance clips and a dick joke or two and you have the perfect ingredients for a ShredBots flick.

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Andreas Wiig. PHOTO: Ryan Anderson