You may have heard of big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones’s trilogy DeeperFurther, and the upcoming Higher. Well this is from a different kind of backcountry crew, these guys are snollerboarders from Squaw Valley looking to break free from the confines of liftchairs and groom trails to access remote terrain.

From the producers who brought you “Weaker” and “Smaller” comes the third and final Chapter, “Shorter”. While this film might never actually be released this fall, the 4th annual Pain McShlonkey Classic WILL take place on Saturday, March 29th at Squaw Valley. Buy your tickets to the World’s Best Afterparty at Le Chamois or at Hurry tickets are Almost Sold Out!

– Directed and Edited by Matt Palmer
– Assistant Director and Director of Photography by Grant Kaye
– Assistant Producer and Cinematography by Sky Rondenet
– Executive Producer, Sherry McConkey
– Additional Cinematography by JT Chevallier

-Starring Greg Lindsey, Rob Schuermann, and Tim Manning


“Shorter” Trailer