Shayne Pospisil 2015 Full Part From projectDETOUR

Shayne Pospisil Full Part From projectDETOUR

With little snow in the United States last season, Shayne packed his bags and headed to Europe for the winter to film with DBK for Project Detour.  The lift accessed backcountry terrain made for dream like conditions for the New Jersey native and he made sure to take full advantage.  Watch as Shayne slays backcountry booters, puts up huge slashes and finds natural hits all over.  The Swiss Alps treated Mr. Pospisil quite well, here's his full part to prove it.

Film: Yoann Hamonic, Stephan Maurer, David Bertschinger Karg, Ryan Scardigli, Liam Gallagher
Edit: Stephen Schultz


Shane Pospisil Photo: Dominic Zimmerman

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