Shayne Pospisil Full Part 2014

Reset CLG Presents: Shayne Pospisil Full Part 2014

New Jersey may be one of the smallest states in the union, but that hasn’t stopped it from pumping out some serious, serious talent. Shayne Pospisil has the talent, passion, and drive required to get this epic footage of him killing it in conditions that only dreams are made of.

Who did you have the best session with this year? 

Well I filmed with Jake Blauvelt for 2 months in Revelstoke, BC starting in early February.  When I first arrived it snowed so much that the snow conditions were sketchy and I got in a pretty gnalry avalanche the first few days filming.  Then the snow settled and the sun came out and Jake claimed it was some of the best heli days he’s ever had in BC!  Waist deep pow on every peak we got dropped off on and just blue bird for days.  We built this epic jump one day and got clouded out and decided to save it.  The next day we hit a pat down windlip in the morning then flew to our big jump and had an insane session.  Then flew to this spine ridge with epic light and killed it there and pretty much had a hell day and got tons of shots.  That was by far the best session or you could say day of the year.

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

One day I thought the snow was going to be super deep and it ended up just being perfect and great for jumping and I had my Bataleon Camel Toe directional board with me. Probably should have had my normal The Jam jumping board but we ended up sessioning this natty windlip and I really wanted to land switch and all I had was the Camel Toe.  I thought it was going be super hard to land switch but I ended up stomping a few tricks and somehow riding out without digging the tail and did some sweet reverts when I rode away.  

Tell us about that board you’re riding?

So legendary surf shaper Bill Stewart made one of the first snowboards with edges on it back in 1981.   The guys from Bataleon (Dennis Dusseldorp & Danny Kiebert) meet up with Bill in Huntington Beach last year and stumbled upon his old board lying around his garage and loved it.  So when the Bataleon guys told Bill about there Camel Toe model that resembled Bill’s snowboard they knew they had to bring this board back to life.  So Bataleon teamed up with Stewart and created the Camel Toe + Bill Stewart colab model with the same graphic as the 1981 Stewart snowboard.  I grew up surfing and love boards that let me turn like I’m on a wave so when I received this board last season I was beyond stoked to ride it and I got to film on it a bunch.  The board  floated so good in the deep pow and allowed me to stomp flat powder landings and ride out of pretty much everything. 

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

After filming in Revelstoke for a month we headed to Troat Lake to stay at filmer Gabe Langois cabin for a week.  I was with Jake Blauvelt and Cole Barash who I grew up hanging and riding with so we had and epic crew.  When we arrived at Gabe’s cabin it was almost completely buried.  We dug the place out and set up shop for a week and just snowmobiled and took free laps for 3 straight days and it was insane.  We were tripling up to the top of runs and strickly sole boarding and had no stress mostly cause the camera broke.  Everyone got to ride some pow surfers and no boards and we got to watch Cole crash the snowmobile into some trees.  It was all time and it was probably the most fun I’ve had snowboarding in a while. 

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

When it was just me and Jake in the heli together and standing on top of all time runs with no one around.  Really doesn’t get much better and the conditions were seriously as good as they get. 

When did you feel like you wanted to give up? 

Well last season I would usually start out a great filming day with a shocker first run.  Over shoot this natty hit by a hundred feet.  Then tumbled through this pillow line another day first run.  Then over shot another natty pat down to my back another day first run so those were kind of harsh.  But after  realizing I wasn’t hurt from falling I would just reflect on how lucky I am to be a pro snowboarder and to have the chance to ride such amazing mountains and terrain with some of my best friends.

How many flights did you miss?

No flights missed this season.  Pretty much stayed in the Northwest all year and drove to all the spots I filmed at.  Saved my money for the heli and it paid off. 

Why do you love snowboarding?

Because it allows me express my surfy riding style and there’s no better feeling (besides getting barreled) then doing an epic pow turn or landing first try on a massive jump.  I want to snowboard and ride powder forever and get that rush that makes me dream of that next pow turn or dumping snow outside my window when I wake up.

What’s next for Shayne?

Back out to Mammoth for opening where I’ve spent the beginning of my last 12 winters.  Its always fun to link up with everyone and start the season off rite.  Hoping for a big snow year so I can film in California this season.  I also plan on going on some snow/surf film trips next year with some pro surfers as well and actually show the snow world my surf skills.  So thats in the works and then definitely getting back in the bird with Jake again and living the dream.