Shaun White Superpipe Run 2012 Winter X Games

Oakley's superstar Snowboarder Shaun White sent the Snowboard World into an absolute state of awe after throwing down one of the most epic runs in the sport's storied history for a perfect 100.00 point score and his fifth-straight Superpipe Gold Medal.

Shaun made his intentions clear early on in the day. During the SuperPipe elimination round he shot to the top of the leader board with an 88.66 to advance in first place – a full 10 points ahead of Luke Mitrani who advanced in second.

Busting out a floating backside air, a frontside double cork 1080, frontside 540 stalefish, backside 900 and a massive nosegrab – he plowed his way into the finals with his signature style.

During the "victory lap" that will go down in history, Shaun floored the scores of fans in attendance and ESPN's global audience, topping the former SuperPipe high-score record (which he had previously set at 97.66) for the first-ever perfect 100 score in Winter X Games SuperPipe history.