Shaun White, Chloe Kim Top the Podium at 2016 Burton US Open Halfpipe Finals

Warmer temperatures and some sun poking out from the clouds kicked off a slightly less jam-packed day of riding here at the Burton US Open. Things kicked off quickly as the stacked field of riders took to the pipe to battle it out for top honors.

Shaun White was a man on a mission in what was only his second halfpipe appearance this year. You’d never know that he actually hasn’t rode at all in the six weeks prior to the event.

Seeing Ben Ferguson put down a solid run in finals was something the crowd certainly wanted to see, and boy, did he deliver. His third and best run consisted of a frontside inverted 720 japan, cab double cork 1080 mute, frontside double crippler indy, backside 900 mute, and a frontside doublecork 1080 nose. See the whole thing below.

Taku Hiraoka was putting down super strong runs all day, all of which scored in the mid to upper eighties. His final run was the clincher, when he put down a frontside 540 tail, backside 900 mute, frontside doublecork 1080 double grab, cab double cork 1080, and capping it off with his first ever frontside 1440.

Kelly Clark’s best run was good enough to put her into third place. It’s also worth noting that she’s been riding with a hip injury since the X Games, which wasn’t necessarily obvious as she rode, putting down many of her traditionally huge and technical tricks.

Xuetong Cai’s strong showing was enough for second place, with her best run including a melon air to fakie, cab 720 melon, frontside 900 indy, backside 540 mute, frontside 720 indy, capped off with a giant switch nose grab to regular. She had a last chance to unseat Chloe, but ended up falling on the first hit of her third run.

Cai’s fall meant that Chloe Kim would be able to use her third run to take a victory lap. It was quickly apparent that Kim wasn’t taking her final run lightly, as she absolutely boosted a massive backside air, right into a frontside 1080 tailgrab, followed by a backside 1080.

Men’s Halfpipe Finals Results:
1. Shaun White – 95.62
2. Benjamin Ferguson – 88.62
3. Taku Hiraoka – 88.25
4. Matthew Ladley – 84.25
5. Judd Henkes – 77.12
6. Greg Bretz – 76.87
7. Scotty James – 75.75
8. Danny Davis – 70.49
9. Ayumu Nedefuji – 68.25
10. Raibu Katayama – 63.99

Women’s Halfpipe Finals Results:
1. Chloe Kim – 89.37
2. Xuetong Cai – 82.99
3. Kelly Clark – 79.00
4. Arielle Gold – 75.87
5. Hannah Teter – 60.52
6. Elena Hight – 46.99

That will wrap it up for this year’s Burton US Open. Be sure to check out the rest of the top videos and more coverage from the week right here.