Shaun White, Chloe Kim Qualify First for Halfpipe Finals at the 2016 Burton US Open

Shaun White, Chloe Kim Qualify First for Halfpipe Finals at the 2016 Burton US Open

After yesterday’s slopestyle semifinals cancelation due to high winds, the day looked much different here at Vail for the 2016 Burton US Open. With sunny skies and warm temps, some of the top halfpipe riders from around the world took to the course for semifinals.

Chloe Kim. Photo: Peter Cirilli // Burton Snowboards

Chloe Kim. Photo: Peter Cirilli // Burton Snowboards

For the ladies, Chloe Kim came out swinging right off the bat. Her first and highest scoring run linked together a huge backside air, followed by a frontside 540 indy, a giant mctwist, a frontside 720 indy, and capped off with a cab 720 melon. She quickly established herself as the frontrunner during semis, with the rest of the pack mostly only separated by a few points. It’ll be interesting to see what goes down in finals, as many of the riders are much more than capable of putting down 1080s in competition, which we haven’t seen just yet.

For the men, Shaun White again established his halfpipe dominance, pulling a score of 92.12 on his very first run. He successfully launched what looked to be about a 22-foot backside air, straight into a frontside double cork 1080 stalefish, into the cab double cork 1080 melon, a frontside inverted 540 stalefish, a backside 900 japan, and ending with a frontside 720 tail. The most notable run of the day arguably came from 14-year-old Judd Henkes, who was boosting some of the highest airs of the day. Coming fresh off his win in the Junior Jam on Tuesday, he’s definitely the wildcard coming into finals, and we can’t wait to see what he puts down.

Shaun White. Photo: Gabe L'Heureux

Shaun White. Photo: Gabe L’Heureux

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Women’s Halfpipe Semifinals Results:

  1. Chloe Kim – 94.25
  2. Xuetong Cai – 86.62
  3. Hannah Teter – 84.00
  4. Kelly Clark – 82.50
  5. Arielle Gold – 80.25
  6. Elena Hight – 74.87

Men’s Halfpipe Semifinals Results:

  1. Shaun White – 92.12
  2. Raibu Katayama – 90.55
  3. Ben Ferguson – 89.12
  4. Judd Henkes – 87.74
  5. Scotty James – 79.49
  6. Danny Davis – 79.00
  7. Taku Hiraoka – 77.55
  8. Greg Bretz – 76.37
  9. Matt Ladley – 75.49
  10. Ayumu Nedefuji – 75.37