Seth Hill with a massive jump overshoot

That feeling when you’re in the air, and realize you just went way too fast!

Back story: Here is a little bonus edit, Seth Hill’s first try massive overshoot on the 2013 Jump at Costa Verde Combe, Les Angles (France). This session was our come back on the snow, we will be there for winter 2015 with something even more massive! Stay tuned folks…

Seth Hill arrived from a TTR contest in Andorra, where he spent most of the night enjoying the closing party. Initially he had the chance to taste the snow while checking the approach run, eventually spreading around all the gears contained in his backpack… That is when the Resort Security Manager asked, "Who the fuck is this guy, are you sure he got what it takes?" Which he proved (or not), 15 minutes later with a hell of an overshoot which led him straight down the landing.

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Seth Hill massive jump overshoot

Seth Hill massive jump overshoot