2015 Men’s Readers’ Choice

[Stevens' speech starts at 3:19 in the video above.]

Dos Equis may have the most interesting man in the world, but Scott Stevens' is likely the most innovative man in the world when it comes to snowboarding. "What the hell did I just watch?" is a standard reaction to seeing one of his parts. Many of his tricks have no commonly accepted names yet.

The strange thing is, his riding makes you feel like you could go out and do it too, simply because a good portion of his spots include stumps, trees, rocks and barriers found in any street. At the same time, his imagination and fluidity while executing the most technical tricks on these spots make his riding something that's uniquely his own, nearly impossible to copy.

Because of that, and maybe because of his trio of dogs that roll with him, and perhaps because he's one of most likable people to ever stand sideways, TransWorld SNOWboarding's audience gave Stevens' the Men's Readers' Choice award for the second year in a row.

Scott Stevens. Photo: Andy Wright

Scott Stevens. Photo: Andy Wright


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