Scot Brown And Ozzy Henning Full Parts From ‘Heavy Mental’ By Absinthe Films

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Scot Brown And Ozzy Henning Full Parts From 'Heavy Mental' By Absinthe Films

Scot Brown and Ozzy Henning full parts in the new Absinthe Films movie Heavy Mental, online right here for 48 hours only. Scot Brown has been filming with Absinthe films for the past few years and has had a few hammer parts and memorable ticks already. This year they teamed him up with Rome Snowboards ripper Ozzy Henning and let the two attack the streets.

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Who did you have the best session with this year?

Ozzy Henning – I had good sessions with everyone! When I’m with my friends it doesn’t matter the session will always be good.

Scot Brown – I definitely had a few good sessions this year I was lucky enough to get out with a couple different crews which made this season awesome but I’d have to say that my best session was when I was in Minneapolis with the Absinthe crew hitting a mellow down rail with a drop at the end which has been hit by a few different crews in the past so you might be familiar with the spot I’m talking about.  I was hitting it with Ozzy, Austin and Bode we were having a good time, I got three shots on it and I think it was my best session because I did a switch nose slide pretzel which I’ve never done before so I was stoked.

What was the hardest trick to land in this video part?

Ozzy Henning – The hardest trick was Probably the switch lipslide through the Triple Kink in MN..  That thing took me two days and I honestly didnt think I was gonna get it.  Some how I landed it just before dark.  At the end of my ride out I just end up laying down and not moving for a minute cause I’m in such shock I got it.

Scot Brown – The hardest trick for me to land this year was the frontside 7 over the road gap in Revelstoke BC.  The landing was super short and the gap was pretty big, it was my first road gap so I was super nervous.  The first time I straight aired it and gapped the whole landing, the road gap thing fucked with me mentally.

Scot Brown 50-50 backside 180 out. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Scot Brown 50-50 backside 180 out. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Where did you go on your favorite trip this year?

Ozzy Henning – That’s a really tough question cause every trip is so awesome.  But one that stands out aside from going to Kazakhstan, was going with the absinthe dudes to Minnesota some how all five riders stacked clips and we all worked together, such as pulling bungee or always making sure the lip was good or landing was good just so that whoever was hitting the feature only had to worry about doing the trick.

Scot Brown – My favourite trip would be Minniapolis because Bode hooked us up with an awesome house to stay at and I met a few new good friends and we got a lot of stuff done which is always an awesome feeling, the beers were good too.

Tell us about the flat ledge drop to C ledge. 

Scot Brown – That spot I was hitting with the duh bolts crew I got them to come down to London ontario where I’d been living for the last while because they got slammed with snow last year and I knew there was some spots we could hit.  Since it had snowed so much the set up was really long because we had to dig out the stairs it took Jody Wachniak, Ashley Barker and myself almost two hours to dig out. Once we got that done I realized that I would have to duck under the ventilation pipes on the top flat ledge which made it even more gnarlier.  I had a couple homies bungee me in and I hit it 5 or 6 times really fast because I was scared but I ended up getting it and was so stoked afterwards it felt awesome.  I was so hyped to come home and show my girlfriend after since she was the one who showed me the spot, so that was an awesome feeling.

Where you drunk when you were hitting the DFD with no shirt on?

Scot Brown – Haha no I was just having fun because I was trying a few tricks and couldn’t get them so I decided to take my shirt off in minus 12 degree Celsius to see if that would help and it did I finally landed a trick.

Why did you toss your hands up after the frontside 505-05 to frontside 360 off the huge closeout rail? Were you not happy with how the trick felt?

Ozzy Henning – It looked hammer to us. Well i was happy but I have long ass arms and it was hard to keep them from hitting the ground on impact..  So I threw my arms up like well I don’t think I can do it anybetter… But hey thanks for thinking it was hammer!

How many tries did the switch nose press on the down barrel rail with the fence in the landing take?

Ozzy Henning – I honestly dont know, atleast 15 or more.  I was hyped on that one tho it was the second feature of the season so it just felt good to get a legit clip early on.

Ozzy Henning backside wallride to frontside lipslide.

Ozzy Henning backside wallride to frontside lipslide.PHOTO: Andy Wright

Where were your powder shots filmed at?

Scot Brown – The road gap and switch back 5 were both filmed in Revelstoke BC with the help of Absinthe films and eagle pass heli skiing.

When did you feel on top of the world this year?

Ozzy Henning – I dont know if I have felt on top of the world thats a pretty big thing to feel, but when I got the call from Justin Hostynek telling me he’s down for me to be involved with absinthe I hung the phone up and I’ll tell you what that was a really good damn feeling right there.

Scot Brown – I would have to say I felt pretty on top of this world after getting my nose press on the flat drop flat drop flat curved rail, It was my first street rail and first shot I got since my knee surgery in 2013 so I was super hyped to know I could actually board how I use to again.

When did you feel like you wanted to give up?

Ozzy Henning – A few years ago honestly I was getting led on by so many people telling me so many things bringing me up only to be let down and that shit sucked. But than it got to the point where I said I don’t care i just love boarding so who cares what happens.

Scot Brown – I’d have to say when I was hitting the big down flat down ledge with Layne Treeter in London.  I was just super tiered of getting beat up and I wasn’t even sure if it was possible or not because of the drop off the flat but I’m pretty glad I didn’t walk away from it.

How many flights did you miss?

Ozzy Henning – Um I missed one.  And it was one of the more shitty ones to miss ha. I was leaving for Austria to film the last 12 months project, Got to the airport and relized I didnt have my passport.. whooo that was a shitty feeling I’ll tell ya what.

Scot Brown – None, I’ve never missed a flight or at least that I can remember.  I didn’t have many flights this year I actually drove my truck to Minnesota then salt lake, up to Revelstoke/whistler and back to ontario, it was pretty awesome having my truck on the rail trip made things a lot easier for me.

Ozzy Henning Frontside Lipslide. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Ozzy Henning front lip. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Why do you love snowboarding?

Ozzy Henning – I love snowboarding for the smile I get when I strap in knowing I get to do what ever I want as I go down the Mountain or where ever you might be. And I also love it for the people it’s led me to meet.  I have met some really great humans through boarding some I can now call best friends and thats so bitchen to me.

Scot Brown – Because what else would you want to do in the winter months with your friends it’s such an awesome sport.

What’s next for you?

Ozzy Henning – What ever comes my way I guess, definitely filming.  And just try and film an even better part than last year and have fun doing it… YEEEOOWWW!!

Scot Brown – Hopefully continuing on with the grind I’d love to keep filming more video parts and experience every aspect that snowboarding has to offer.


Ozzy Henning – ROME sds, Dakine, Smith Optics, Milo Sport, DVS snowboarding…   And my family.

Scot Brown – Billabong and VonZipper.