Sane! Meets Frontline Railjam 2015

In the high-pressure world of contest riding, the Frontline Rail Jam has a distinct and entertaining quality that is unrivalled in comparison to all other rail jams. Not only is this fistful of motley charactersout to prove their talent amongst the other highly skilled snowboarders, they are competing in an urban gridlock of spectators erupting in chaos. Full of experience and new skills, these guys are out to prove their superior talent on a stage in the heart of Stockholm. Check out Michi Schatz, Flo Corzelius, Marvin Salmina, Simon Pircher, Denis Leontyev, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and Ethan Morgan in Sane! Meets Frontline Railjam 2015.

Sane! Meets Frontline Railjam 2015 |

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