Sage Kotsenburg’s ‘Holy Crail’ 2014 Season Recap

Sage Kotsenburg’s ‘Holy Crail’ 2014 Season Recap

No one expected Sage Kotsenburg to win Gold at Sochi, least of all Sage himself. Yet he pulled it off while defying conventional tricks and sticking to his unique style of snowboarding.

What we've got here is a classic underdog tale of grit, uncompromising integrity, and the struggle to keep our sport true to its roots. The victory couldn't have happened to a better ambassador for our sport— who has shown the world another side of competitive snowboarding and the importance of doing what you believe is right.

This is the story of Sage’s unlikely season, leading up to Sochi, and what went down after.

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Edit: Jeremy Pettit

Filmers: Pierre Wikberg: Johannes Brenning, Pat Fenelon, Vita Brevis, Bob Hoste

Executive Producers: Nick Hamilton, Adam Cozens, Steve Ruff

Sponsors: Monster, GoPro, Nike, APO.

​Sochi Photography: Chris Wellhausen​

Footage from Mammoth Grand Prix provided by USSA