Sage Kotsenburg The Other Side Official Teaser

Sage Kotsenburg’s ‘The Other Side’ Official Teaser

It wouldn’t seem it, but getting to enjoy the non-competitive side of riding day in and day out is a luxury many of us take for granted. Being on a contest circuit, training, and competing all year-round may seem glamorous to some, but for those who live it, it’s quite grueling. For Sage Kotsenburg, getting to explore the other facets of snowboarding seems to be a pretty awesome change of pace. Check out his latest project, The Other Side, as he focuses on riding powder, park, and street features.

From Sage:
The Otherside Project follows Sage Kotsenburg as he explores everything that snowboarding has to offer. Being able to ride the powder, park and streets Sage is beginning to define himself and his love for snowboarding. for more information

Sage Kotsenburg The Other Side