Rusty Toothbrush Presents Hotham Hot Laps 2016

They're not quite sure how they did it, but Hotham Alpine Resort gave Rusty Toothbrush and their crew one of their pistes, a ton of cat hours, shovels and free reign to build whatever they wanted. Then to top it off, the Nitro snowboard team was in town and were keen to get buck on the fresh new Hotham set-up. Hotham is on route to being one of the most badass locations in the land Down Under, and this edit shows the goods.

Cover 3

Hangin' Out (JR.Dynamites Guiiiiitar Lickin' Edit)

Hotham Alpine Resort – @hothamalpineresort

Alex Stewart – @alexstewartsnowboarder
Giacomo Errichiello – @jackerrichiello
Sven Thorgen – @sventhorgen
Silje Norendal – @silgenorendal
Torgeir Bergrem – @torgeirbergrem
Jared Elston – @big_air_jare
Marcus Kleveland – @marcuskleveland

Rusty Toothbrush – @rustytoothbrush
Francesco Zoppei – @francescozoppei
Brad Smith – @brad.smithy
Troy Tanner – @goodbuddynz

Troy Tanner – @goodbuddynz

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