Rusty Toothbrush : A Not So Fairy Tale Teaser

The exceptional minds over at Rusty Toothbrush have given us the teaser to their video titled A Not So Fairy Tale. The film is shot over the course of six weeks as the Rusty Toothbrush gang traveled throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, Andorra, Austria, and Australia. It was the crews first time putting together a street and backcountry video, but what they got out of it is the rowdiest video they have assembled to date, along with some aches and pains. The post-production in the teaser is highly creative and impressive, as can be expected if you’ve seen any of their other projects. A Not So Fairy Tale is going to be one for the books, so get check the teaser, get jazzed, and be sure to catch the full flick when it drops!
Riders + Instagram:
Alex Stewart – @alexstewartsnowboarder
Giacomo Errichiello – @jackerrichiello
Mahi Mains – @mahi_mains_mane
Victor Loron – @vicloron
Tom Picamoles – @tompicamoles
Production + Instagram: 
Rusty Toothbrush – @rustytoothbrush
Francesco Zoppei – @francescozoppei
Brad Smith – @brad.smithy
Federico Grego – @exe000
Son Lux – You Dont Own Me (ft Hanna Benn)