Rough Snowboards Rough Cut

Checkout this gnarly video from Rough Snowboards out of Italy. They distribute all over the part of the world that’s not America, so have a taste of the foreign shred and give this video a watch.

In this video, we have expressed what rough is really for us.

No frills, no bullshit or finesse, only friendship, heart and true energy!

We dont want to be taken for what we are not, we are not a large company, we work hard to give our riders the best boards so they to have the best fun and shred hard, we put our blood and sweat every day in what we do and our biggest gratification is to see a rider that is satisfied when he lands a new trick!

There are no multinationals or corporations making decisions for us, no fake technologies to fool the riders. our team members don't go to the makeup artist before an interview, they spit blood everyday on those handrails! 
This is rough and if you don't like it you can get f*cked !

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Rough Snowboards Rough Cut