Video, Photo and Words: Paul Heran

"Snake” was the word of the day during Rome Snowboard’s ninth annual Premature Jibulation contest at Boreal Mountain on Saturday, December 15. Contestants “slithered” their way through the slalom-like setup of features in hopes of taking home one of the five crisp Benjamins that judges were handing out. Money wasn’t the only thing that recruited swarms of local shredders from all around Tahoe though; Rome also had several snowboards, boots, bindings and outerwear pieces on the line that further fueled the action and creativity. With eager riders “snaking” each other both on purpose and by accident, planned runs were never a handout.  The judges were looking for someone to “tame” the entire course by connecting lines on multiple features, which included a close-out/close-in rail, diesel tank, large wire spool, and a wrecking ball. The boarders were carving on their toe and heel edges immediately after each landing to make it over to the next hit in their line, but judging by the smiles on the faces of the riders and the cheers coming from the crowd, nobody seemed to mind.  In fact, it added a fun twist to the action; linking all the features together into one smooth line proved to be extremely difficult.  In the end it was the flow of riders like Max Tokunaga, Tommy Gesme and Matt Busedu that combined technical rail tricks with board control and effortless style on their way to taking home mountains of swag and gear!



The Rome Pre Jib at Boreal went off!