Rome SDS Presents: One Jump Full Film

 One Jump Full Film from Rome SDS

What would you do with just one jump?

Words: Rome Snowboards

A rider's bag of tricks is a crucial element of their DNA as a snowboarder, each spin and grab variation works to solidify their identity. At the core of this equation is style, the real element that makes each rider's tricks their own. Style separates the countless 900s of the world, elevates tricks to gold medal status and helps riders become icons.

Injecting your own personal flavor into a trick doesn't come overnight; it's a labor of love where creativity meets countless laps on the same feature. Last spring, we brought together three riders and their unique approaches to the same single jump. The simplicity of having only this one single jump served as a laboratory that let these three riders bring their tricks to life. A showcase of how different riders can master a tweak, grab, rotation or straight air. Ultimately, Ståle Sandbech, Alek Østreng and Jeff Hopkins, took one day and left their individual fingerprints on this ONE JUMP.

From double corks to methods, these three took a blank canvas and transformed it into something that's damn fun to watch.

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Rome Snowboards Presents One Jump Full Film

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