Rome SDS – Beer & Rails Full Video

Rome Snowboards: Beer & Rails in Finland

In true Rome fashion, no trip is really a trip unless you’re crammed into a van, lurking hard late into each night trying to get shots, wondering when you’ll be kicked out, and pounding a few beers in the mean time. Except this time the Strangebrew guys, a crew comprised of Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Ian Daly, and Jasper Tripp, were in an unfamiliar territory. As luck would have it, Toni Kerkela knows his way around Finland quite well, seeing as it’s his home turf. The crew linked up and set out to lay waste to the city, annihilating urban features and leaving only empties in their wake. Here’s Beer & Rails from Rome SDS.

Rome Snowboards Beer & Rails