Rome Snowboards Presents : Find Snowboarding Teaser

Last year Rome Snowboards broke new ground with their 12 months video project. This year they are trying something new once again. “We wanted to find snowboarding in places where people would not expect” according to the opening statements of the video. To achieve this goal the crew set off in exploration of Kazakhstan, Aleutians, and Norway. When you have to take a boat and plane to get to your destination and you have no guide and no car true adventure will always rises to the occasion. Stay tuned for the three full edits dropping this fall right here on

Featuring LNP, Will Lavigne, Stale Sandbech, Ozzy Henning, Thomas Delfino, Toni Kerkela, Len Jorgensen, Ian Boll, Cody Booth, and Aspen Rain Weaver.

Rome Snowboards,

Traveling to new places can be scary when the hospital only gives you a pottery cast for $25 when you break your arm.