Possibly more dangerous than a skier on the loose, is a moose on the loose. Snowboarder Cheri Luther and her friend Amy Loofa were making turns at Breckenridge Mountain last Friday, when out of of nowhere a moose came galloping down the mountain next to them. At first Luther seemed to think the moose was charging her, but then realized he was just out for a rip.

Luther did what most any of us would do, and pulled out her phone and snapped the whole incident. She promptly uploaded the action to Instagram for all to see where it's racked up over 35k views.

“I turned around to make sure [Loofa] was still behind me, but instead I saw a moose trekking down the front side of the mountain,” Luther posted. “Afraid to stop in the middle of an open run while strapped to my snowboard, I thought it best to keep moving and get out of the animal’s way. It was a crazy sight to see and definitely one we won’t forget!” She continued.

That's a pretty crazy sighting, but do you remember when Greg Bretz posted a video of a bear chasing his friend up stairs in his house? Yeah, that was nuts. Animals, man.

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