Robin Van Gyn Full Part – Full Moon

Robin Van Gyn has steadily gained traction as a major force in snowboarding, especially within the backcountry and guiding scenes. For the past two seasons, she filmed with Full Moon and put together a part that is absolutely stacked with impressive riding and unparalleled style that is uniquely Robin's own. Though she's been involved in several video projects in the past, including filming with Standard Films, Peep Show and Runway, Robin's full part from Full Moon is undoubtedly one of her best to date. It's currently nominated for Women’s Video Part of the Year, and Robin is also a Readers’ Choice nominee.

Check out Robin's full part from Full Moon above, read on for Robin’s thoughts on filming, and keep your eyes peeled for a Perspectives feature with Robin that’s due out in the December issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine.

Download a copy of Full Moon here!

Interview with Robin Van Gyn


What are your thoughts on filming and being a part of Full Moon?

Full Moon has brought snowboarding full circle for me. So many of the crew are the riders I looked up to and were inspired by, so now, to run beside them is a bit of a trip and definitely a privilege. It's not just the main crew either, it's everyone involved. Whether it was being blown away by the contest girls, riding with legends and hearing their stories, or realizing your own role in it, the whole process has put things in perspective and given me a deeper appreciation for everything that surrounds snowboarding

What does being 'pro' mean to you? 

It's still kind of hard to register that term. In the sense of the word, you have to be professional and work your ass off to stay there. But it really never feels like work. I think that's normal when you are doing the right thing as a career. I do think it's important to encourage and support other riders as they did for me also. It's all cyclical really.

You’ve been a consistent force within the backcountry scene and also work as a guide at Baldface, SASS Global and help host SAFE AS courses. What does being knowledgable in the backcountry mean to you?

Courses aside, it's really about experience in the mountains and learning every time you are out there. Keep your eyes open and observe without ego. You could take all the courses you want, but it doesn't mean you know what you are doing. Nothing can match just being out on snow and going through learning experiences as they come. The more time you spend on snow and watching what's happening, the more educated you become. It's not always all about the certs— It's important to know that.

Stay tuned for more from Robin dropping soon!

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