The Vans Argentina crew is not always recognized for playing it safe; rather they seem to push the boundaries of travel when it comes to snowboarding. Caravanning to the southernmost city in the world with two motorhomes, the Fin del Mundo crew spent 2 months on the road fishing, skating, camping, and of course snowboarding. Locating handrails, playgrounds, and gazebos along the way, the Vans crew displayed the utmost creativity and skill in some truly unique spots.

“End of the world” is a documentary project by Snowboard Argentino. A journey in two motorhomes, from Bariloche to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia. The trip had a duration of 2 months where the protagonists had an experience unforgettable. Thousands of anecdotes will remain in the memory forever.” – VANS

Road Movie- Fin del Mundo | TWSNOW