RipCurl’s Welcome Home II Full Edit: this is the end my friends!

After 4 months of regular webisodes, Welcome Home II full edit is ready to be broadcasted worldwide!! Welcome Home Vol. II was the second chapter of the riders’ adventures on the Search mission. Once again, Rip Curl joined forces with French Kiss Production and Freestudios Creative Media Production to release this brand new snowboarding movie. The team visited fellow riders around the globe to  find those backcountry gems that dreams are made of. The movie showcases riding in Argentina (Matti Radaelli), Germany and Austria (Elias Elhardt),  Switzerland (Martin Seiller) and finally Sweden with the legendary area of Riksgransen.

The riders wanted to go back to the essence of a ‘feel good’ road trip and found themselves in lesser known territories, spending a lot of time
riding out of mountain refuges. This proved to be the way to get the best out of their skills, as you will see…

“To have my teammates and friends over at my house is always something very exciting. You end up asking yourself if they’re going to behave like on a ‘normal’ trip, meaning riders spreading their stuff all over the house and procrastinating on the dishes… But in the end it went smoothly, we had a blast on and off the snow (après-ski!). It’s really
cool to guide your friends around your own riding area and show them the house where you grew up.” says Elias.

The film crew was made up of Julien Mata, Olivier Pictet and even got Jaime Benicio as a rooky. For photos, the cream of the crop once again consisted of Rémi Petit, Eric Bergeri, Matthieu Georges, and is completed by newby, Jérôme Tanon.