Rikuto Ohashi – Perisher Parks 2016

It's been said before, but it can't get said enough: Kids are progressively stomping bigger tricks at younger ages. 14-year-old Rikuto Ohashi is one of the few youngbloods that is riding at a level that surpasses most kids his age. During a recent visit to Perisher, Rikuto hooked up with the Phootstep Films crew for a couple days of shooting. With only a limited amount of time, Phootstep chased Rikuto though the park and captured a grip of bangers. After watching this short and sweet edit, we are eager to watch Rikuto continue his development as the winter months roll into Japan.

“14 year old Rikuto Ohashi, remember the name, from Japan spent 2 days filming with us and this is what we got.” – Phootstep Films

Rikuto Ohashi - Perisher Parks 2016 | TWSNOW

Finally Rikuto Ohashi – Perisher Parks 2016