Riders Poll 15: Women’s Rookie Of The Year

Riders Poll 15: Women's Rookie Of The Year

Rookie Of The Year was a movie about a kid who broke his arm and then the Chicago Cubs made him throw baseballs as fast as he could for them while it was still broken. Thing was, he was better when his arm was broken. We like to think we’re not that sinister. These are the up and comers to watch out for, according to our poll of over 100 of today’s top riders.

2013 burton us open snowboarding photos arielle gold

Arielle Gold. 2013 US Open 3rd placer and Women’s Rookie Of The Year nominee. Photo: Aaron Blatt

About the 15th Annual TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders Poll

Welcome to the biggest night in snowboarding! Over 100 of snowboarding's biggest pros voted on the best riders, video parts, and performances of the year for the 15th annualTransWorld SNOWboarding Riders' Poll and the results are in. Categories include Men's and Women's Rookie Of The Year, Men's and Women's Rider Of The Year, Men's and Women's Video Part Of The Year, Online Video Series Of The Year, Video Of The Year, Standout Performance Of The Year, the prestigious TransWorld SNOWboarding Legend Award, and, as voted by you, the Men's and Women's Reader's Choice Award. The winners will be revealed on during SIA weekend on Friday, January 31 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO for the biggest night in snowboarding.

Danyale Patterson

Danyale is rad. She basically just doesn’t give a damn. Her part is rad and she’s doing work on both sides of the camera.


Christy Prior

Christy is a New Zealand babe who’s really good at hitting jumps. Spinning frontside off the toes is kind of a lost art these days so it’s rad to see Christy dropping those.


Arielle Gold

2013 burton us open snowboarding photos arielle gold

Arielle Gold. 2013 US Open, Vail, Colorado. Photo: Aaron Blatt

Arielle is the future of women’s halfpipe boarding. Her front 9 is grabbed all the way through and she goes huge. The results are there—podium at the 2013 US Open and she’s on the US Olympic team—but it’s her style that really makes her stand out.