Riders Poll 15: Standout Performance Of The Year

Standout Performance Of The Year is a heavy one because you need the awe factor. Not just how the riders we asked felt about a certain part or a rider in general, this is all about leaving your mark in everyone’s minds.

Gigi Rüf

Gigi won Ultra Natural with some bat shit crazy runs and he got the ender in Never Not.

Louif Paradis

Louif got X Games double gold for Real Snow in 2013 and then he went and got the ender in Déjà Vu. 

Mark McMorris


Mark McMorris photo Scott Serfas

Mark McMorris. Photo: Scott Serfas.

McMorris dominated slopestyle contests in 2012-2013 and then proved he could hold his own in pow getting sixth place at Ultra Natural amongst a pretty heavy lineup.