No other metropolitan area in the world has had as profound an effect on snowboarding as Salt Lake City. From its famed streets riddled with iconic rails to its many neighboring resorts, each packed with enough inbounds terrain and backcountry options to keep today’s top pros busy, it is difficult to find a region that offers nearly as much. Through magazines and videos, the documentation of this region has marked it as an enduring mecca that consistently draws riders from across the world—one of snowboarding's hallowed zones of influence and progression. It remains constantly evolving, alongside snowboarding itself. It is a place to learn an expand possibilities. For those who call Salt Lake City home, they know there's no place like it.

In TransWorld SNOWboarding’s latest production, Rewind: Salt Lake City, we will be taking you on a tour of the famed region through footage both new and old, and interviews with those that helped and continue to make Salt Lake City, Utah the snowboarding paradise it is today. The film, which will be premiering in full next Thursday, January 17th at the Fisher Brewing Company in Salt Lake City, Utah, will be released right here on through a series of five episodes. Those interested in attending the world premiere can find information about the event, here, and purchase tickets for the show, here. Thanks to Ski City and all of the many contributors who have made this project possible, we look forward to continuing to share the history of one of snowboarding’s greatest cities with you soon.

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