A year after The Escape, Think Thank made a triumphant return to the microwave planet. A fantasy world of snow and skate where the adventures of various snowboarders play pivotal roles in the unfolding story of Mt. Hood. Featuring the mental people of Mervin MFG, the Return to the Microwave Planet showcases an array of truly talented and artistic riders. Skating through the labyrinthine of transitions in the concrete park at Windells and jumping above the clouds at High Cascade, Think Thank delivers another banger edit from Oregon.

“One year later Lib Tech, Gnu, Bent Metal, and Lib Skate return to the Microwave Planet that is Mt. Hood. They find more snow and more fertile ‘crete than ever before. Traversing between High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells Skateboarding the crew steps through the door and floats in a most peculiar way. Featuring Phil Hansen, Jamie Lynn, Brandon Reis, Max Warbington, Mikey Swearingen, Ted Borland, Jamie Jacobson, Jesse Burtner, Chad Fenlon, Cooper Whittier, Blake Paul, Jacob Krugmire, and Ryan Paul. Thanks to High Cascade and Windells for the hospitality.
Filmed and edited by: Sean Lucey” – Think Thank

Return to the Microwave Planet | TWSNOW