Rendered Useless is here in full for your viewing pleasure. This crew traveled near and far as they searched for the most unique urban spots to destroy. This project was conceived by Jon Stark along with the help of Eli Olsen and is one of the grittiest snowboard films from the 2015-2016 season.

The film’s mantra is this:

A discovery of ourselves though a thought process related to what we do all winter. Because really this video is that meditation and I use the word not in its literal sense but in a discovery sort of way where you sit with one group of ideas and rearrange them all till they make sense.

Riders: Mike Ravelson, Mary Rand, Johnny Brady, Dan "Vinny" Vinzant, Parker Szumowski, Jayell White, Jordan Morse, Jacob Krugmire, Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, Andrew Aldridge, Jake OE, Ethan Deiss, Ian Boll, Nick Doucette, Jesse Gouveia, Christian Buling, Zander Blackmon, Miles Fallon and more.

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