Red Bull All-Snow at Carinthia Parks – 2016

The park crew at Carinthia stunned everyone with their exceedingly authentic set up for the 3rd stop of Red Bull All-Snow. Staying true to the roots of East Coast snowboarding, All-Snow ditches any feature made of wood or metal and focuses on features that can only be created with a rake and shovel. In a jam format, riders must showcase their skills and creativity on pipe walls, side cuts, and natural hips that are all crafted by hand.

1st. Zeb Powell
2nd. Shaun Murphy
3rd. Tucker Speer

“For the second year in a row our Park Crew built an insane All-Snow course on Grommet and everyone who came out killed it.” – Carinthia Parks

“Before a majority of East Coast hills had expertly designed terrain parks with triple kinks, stairsets, wallrides and pole jams, snowboarders had to make due with what mother nature gave ’em. Hand dug half pipes, side cuts and natural hips were getting boosted from Jersey to Maine.

Red Bull All Snow is a jam that tours the East. Each course is unique, centered around flowing lines, getting air and leaving all your jib tricks at home. Red Bull All Snow is exclusive to snowboarders this year and is a totally open jam competition.

Riders will make the finals by showcasing the best tweaks, plants, airs and flow. After all is said and done, the top three shredders will be rewarded.” – Red Bull 


Red Bull All-Snow at Carinthia Parks - 2016 |