Cam Pierce, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Sugar Ray Leonard, Zach Galifanakis, even Clay Aiken, all these names have ties to the Tar Heel State. Check the first episode of the REC.ess: Record.Stop.Repeat. series, brought to you by Recess Ride Shop, and the following names will be synonymous with North Carolina as well. Jullian Passajou, JP Pardy, Greg Anderson, Alex Ricketts, Will Vear, Reilly Tardiff, Thomas Graham, Matt Sutton, Morgan Hutchins, Kaden Rusinko, and John-Kevin Mullins. The park at Beech Mountain is looking extra good right now thanks to Thomas Graham, Reilly Tardiff and the crew, so get there while you can. Stay tuned for more videos from this series by Jack Reid. Think these guys ever get to stay in one of those parkside condos?

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