Seb Toots entry into Real Snow 2015, the all-urban, all-video snowboard contest. 

Interview with Seb Toots and cinematographer Mathieu Cowan below.

Seb Toots

What is it like filming for real snow? It was pretty fun but really stressful. We didn’t have that much time to film it plus I had to do contest in between. I like to work hard and that was a good challenge for me and my filmer.

How do you deal with the stress? We were well prepared and knew all the spots we wanted to do. I do a lot of contest so I got use to deal with it.

Where did you go on your favorite trip while filming for your part? MurdocVille. It’s like a ghost town that we never been but there was no snow beside that place. It turn out to be one of the sickest places!

What was that object that you slid in your first shot? Did you build it? It was at the ghost town. The Beam was there but wasn’t lined up well. So we used a loader to make it straight. Really scary set up.

At what point during the session did you take that gnarly fall on the back lip to front board? It was probably half way of my Real Snow. I filmed my part in 17 days. It was after Dew tour I think.

Mathieu Cowan

What was it like filming for Real Snow? It was interesting! Grinding to find snow, cold weather, camera problem, waiting for Seb [Toots] from doing contest at the same time and a lot of fun shooting.

What is your favorite shot you filmed for this part? Film wise my favorite shot is the follow cam of his cab rodeo to board and tricks wise the mega gap down to beam because we got the shot on the last light / last try and that was the biggest street spot that I ever film since 1999.

How do you prepare for such a grueling film schedule? We never had more then 2 weeks to shoot street stuff in the past so this time we had a lot of time to shoot. We took 18 days of shooting to built is part but I already had the idea about where to go early November so it help us a lot to relax and just enjoy shooting.

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